City Walks – Videoscapes

Philidelphia City Walks Production Still

City Walks This is a series of videos that is part of an ongoing project I have been developing since 2010. Each work in this series is exploring not only the movement through “places” but also how the body moves through “spaces”. The works combine nationwide health statistics from the Gallup Wellness Survey with recorded vision penetrating both the urban landscapes of US cities and the postulated activity of the human structure and movement seen through peculiarly non-optical points of view.

Visit the Links below for more information.

Information on the 2010 Gallup Poll Well-being Survey

Individual City Walks Videos in order of Wellness Survey Designation

Information the City Walks Sound-Scapes

Installation of City Walks 10 at MOTE 078 – 1187 N. High ST – July 4th – July 25th

Reception and Discussion on July 25th 

North High Brewing – 1288 N High St. – 7pm

Instillation Site – 1187 N High St. – 8pm

Mote Install 1
Mote Install 3

City Waks Mote Install Night

Installation of City Walks at MOTE 078 by Nicolette Swift from Nicolettecinemagraphics on Vimeo.

Installation of multi-screen, multi- city exhibition at The Oak Room Gallery:

City Walks: The Body, Wellness, and Urbanization

City Walks: The Body, Wellness, and Urbanization – A video display by Nikki Swift from Nicolette Swift on Vimeo.