City Walks Sound-Scape

As both a visual and auditory body of works, City Walks is composed of a Sound-scape that accompanies each cities video. The sound scape is a 5 minute cacophony of sound recorded live during the walking process. Sometimes this recording is done by me while walking and recording video. Other times, if available, a separate sound recordists follows me on my walks taking cues from myself about important sounds to capture.

Allentown City Walks Production Still

Each cities sound-scape can include a range of environmental sounds such as trains, construction, buses, cars, various weather events  (wind and rain), sound from specific monuments (water fountains, art exhibits, and historical monuments), and various sounds of people (walking, talking, orating, and singing).

Here is a 5 minute mix of 10 cities overlapping which is part of an installation – City Walks 10 which will be opening July 4th in Columbus, Ohio at Mote 078 Galleries.


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